Vanguard provides simple but powerful interface for managing global application settings. It allows administrators (or any other users with appropriate permission) to easily enable/disable registration, Two-Factor Authentication, Authentication Throttling and more.

General Settings

General settings section is used for updating the application name. Once application name has been updated, it will change inside entire system, so you don't have to edit any code at all.

Vanguard - General Settings

Authentication Settings

Authentication settings section contains everything that will allow easy authentication configuration.

Vanguard - Authentication Settings

General Auth Settings

Authentication Throttling

Authentication Throttling is security feature that will prevent brute force attacks. If it is enabled and user enter wrong password for specific number of times (check "Maximum Number of Attempts" option below), his account will be locked for predefined period of time.

Available options are:

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If this option is enabled, users will be able to enable/disable 2FA using Authy secure service if they want to from their Profile page. In order to enable 2FA, check configuration section to see how to get required API key.

Registration Settings

Registration settings is used to quickly configure registration process, or to disable it completely. Page with self-explanatory options is provided below.

Vanguard - Registration Settings

Notifications Settings

Notifications settings contains option for enabling or disabling email notifications when new user signs up. If it is set to YES, all users with Amin role will receive an notification when new user signs up.

Vanguard - Notifications Settings